Wimmera/Mallee Silo Trail

The Silo Art Trail stretches over 200km and we visited each of the 8 current sites while we were up in the Wimmera/Mallee region. Each one is an amazing feat of workmanship and is extremely difficult to fathom how an artist can work on such an enormous area and still deliver something as beautiful and detailed as each art piece.

We undertook the trail in two stages; on the way up to Buronga (for Melbourne Cup week) and then from our base at Lake Lascelles on the return home.
This is our route map.

Nullawil Silos

Our first Wheat Silo Artwork was found on the Calder Highway in Nullawil. This work was created by artist Sam Bates, also known as Smug or Smug One, is an Australian contemporary street artist, known for his photo realism graffiti work. Click here for more about the work.

Sea Lake Silos

The latest silo art to be added to the trail is at Sea Lake titled The Space in Between. This work was created by artists Drapl and the Zookeeper completed July 2019. Click here for more about the work.

Patchewollock Silos

We stopped off at the small town of Patchewollock, on the way to Lake Lascelles, to check out this piece of work by Fintan Magee. It features a local sheep and grain farmer by the name of Nick “Noodle” Hulland. Click here for more about the work.

Lascelles Silo Art

The silos at Lascelles by the artist Rone feature a local farming couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, whose family have lived and farmed in the area for four generations. There was also a pretty weird bit of local street art where we had pulled up. Click here for more about the work.

Rosebery Silo Art

The Rosebery silo art was completed by the artist Kaff-eine who spent time assisting Rone on the Lascelles silos prior to undertaking this work. Click here for more about the work.

Brim Silo Art

Guido van Helten’s iconic Brim mural was the first silo artwork to appear in Victoria (2016). Click here for more about the work.

Sheep Hills Silo Art

The silo art in Sheep Hills by the artist Adnate would have to be one of the most striking pieces that we came across in our silo tour. It depicts Wergaia Elder, Uncle Ron Marks, and Wotjobaluk Elder, Aunty Regina Hood, alongside two young children, Savannah Marks and Curtly McDonald which celebrates the richness of the area’s Indigenous culture. Click here for more about the work.

Rupanyup Silo Art

Our last set of silos to visit was in the town of Rupanyup which were the first steel type silo (instead of concrete). Completed by the Russian mural artist, Julia Volchkova, who turned her attention to the town’s youth and their great love of team sport. Click here for more about the work.

These silos are still in use, as we noticed some grain being loaded around the back, next to the now defunct railway station. We also loved the local book exchange over the road (a former pub fridge).

Rupanyup Roses

The local Post Office in Rupanyup had a beautiful show of roses and I could not help but take some photos. Then we were off to St. Arnaud for lunch in the local bakery with two other Bailey vans, before heading off to Bendigo for our next stop.


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