Lake Lascelles Freecamp

Leaving Buronga/Mildura we traveled south to a wonderful freecamp called Lake Lascelles in the rural town of Hopetoun.

We set-up beside a couple of other Bailey friends; Tim & Anne Begg and Ron & Colleen Mills. We were then joined by other friends Ian & Janis Hirth whilst another Bailey with Neil & Sharon Morrison set-up on the other side of the lake on a powered site. It was fantastic to be joined by all of the friends for a few days in such a lovely place.

Had a paddle in Tim’s kayak and then ventured out on Anne’s Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) creating much entertainment for those on-shore as I shook and wobbled while trying (in vain) to stay upright. Finally got the hang of it but had a real hard time trying to turn around. It was great fun but one downside was that I lost my expensive sunnies purchased our our Mediterranean Cruise (10 euro in Rhodes). Neil said that he saw a duck wearing them the next day. mmmm??

Out to the local pub for dinner on the last night before we all went off in our various directions. Anne & Tim and Ron & Colleen joined us in Bendigo.

1st ever SUP attempt on Lake Lascelles – massive fail where I lose my sunnies
2nd SUP attempt on Lake Lascelles
Finally SUP’ing on Lake Lascelles


  1. We really enjoyed the paddle boarding so funny 😂 it looks easy till you try , well done in the end you were like a true pro those silo painting were out of this world how do they get so much detail fascinates me

    1. Hi Andrew,
      When you are standing at the bottom of the silos it’s difficult to understand how they get the scales so well in proportion. Then to add detail like reflection in the eyes of people is insane. Looking forward to seeing more soon. It’s becoming a very trendy thing to do in Aussie. Check out some of the work by the artist called Adnate (Sheep Hills Silos) @ What about this sort of art in the UK?

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