Edward Fischer Expo @ Geelong Gallery

Our brother-in-law Andrew’s great great grandfather, Edward Fischer, was a silversmith in Geelong in the late 1800’s and we attended an exhibition of some of his fine work at the Geelong Gallery on Queens Birthday long-weekend (9 June 2019).

Edward Fischer (1828-1911) migrated to Australia from Vienna in the early 1850s, and settled into business as a jeweller in Geelong… read more

Edward settled in Torquay in 1888 after he purchased a property called Springtide in Rudd Avenue.

We travelled to Torquay, with our caravan, for the weekend staying in the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park and then joining the Fischer clan for the expo on the Sunday. It was fantastic to be included in this special day. We completed this mini trip with a stay in the Barwon Heads Caravan Park for a few days.

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Our caravan park photos…


  1. Neila what a wonderful opportunity to catch up with family during the celebration of the works of Edward Fischer. I hope that while you were in Torquay you noted Fischer Street that links north and south Torquay down the middle. That is without going along the highway or The Esplanade. Edward’s 4 room cottage was not far where you were staying at the caravan park. I haven’t pinpointed the exact location yet because he sold it in 1895 so his name is not on any of the maps and he wasn’t the first land owner of the allotment. I haven’t come across him in the titles search I have been doing. He built it in 1887 just in time for the summer holidays. Once I have all the information on him I will update the website. Can I please use your photos on our website when I do that? I have updated our website so your link will get you to our site but not to Edward’s page. I will put that link below. Regards, Cheryl Baulch from Torquay Museum Without Walls.

    1. Hi Cheryl
      Thanks for the comments on our site. I know Fischer Street pretty well. My brother-I law Andrew Fischer has told me all about it. Feel free to use my images on your site. You should be able to save them from your browser. Please let me know if there is an issues.
      Cheers Neil

    2. Hi Cheryl,
      my sister Janis has done a fair bit of research into the Fischer family on behalf of her husband Andrew. I spoke to her about your comment on my blog and she sent me a link about the property called Springtide which Edward Fischer lived in (in Rudd Street).
      Hope this helps your research – https://placeography.wordpress.com/springtide/
      cheers Neil

      1. Hi Neil. We have a family letter from Edward to his daughter while down at Torquay, which he calls Spring Creek. In the letter he also talks of finding tobacco washed up from a local shipwreck and mopoke owl they adopted. Too bad I missed the celebrations in 2020. I also spent a while collecting history on Edward.

        1. Hi Paul,
          I will pass you comment onto my sister, who is our family historian. Edward Fischer is my brother-in-law Andrew’s great great grandfather. They may be interested in contacting you about the letter you mentioned in your comment on my website. This has been an interesting exercise for me as there have been several people now who have commented on this post.

          What is your connection to the Fischer family and is it OK with you that I pass your email address onto the Fischer family?

          Cheers, Neil (touringwombats.com)

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